Dave Pflieger and Island Air feel very strongly about encouraging wellness and healthy living in their community.  Island Air has partnered with Xterra to help them fulfill their mission.

In mid 1990s,  mountain biking and  a triathlon met on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The race was named Aquaterra. It combined an open-ocean swim, a race on mountain bikes, and also a trail run.

What the founders didn’t realize, is that this one event ushered in a new type of racing format that helped people become more active. The mountain bikers who were attracted to the event brought their laid-back style and bold self-assurance. The triathletes who participated brought their training style and dedicated personality. 

The typical XTERRA is comprised of the following:

1.5K swim
30K mountain bike
11K trail run

Island Air is a proud partner to help Xterra put together races and benefit their community.