The benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) are well known. But as beneficial as it may be for your overall level of fitness, there is no denying that it is, well, hard!

It’s particularly grueling for beginners, or people in poor physical condition. So what if there were a way to replicate all the benefits of HIIT in an easy manner; in a schedule anyone can stick to?

Turns out that a team of researchers in Denmark may have the answer: They call it 30-20-10 training. It’s a type of interval dave-pflieger-runners-373099_960_720training that is as simple as it sounds. But beware: it can really wear you out!

Here’s how it works. After a warmup, jog at your leisurely pace for 30 seconds. Next, kick it up to a run for 20 seconds. Finally, in the 50th second of the minute, do an all-out sprint for 10 seconds. That final sprint is truly what this workout it all about, so don’t skimp on it. Really, everything hinges on how fast you can go in those ten seconds.

One minute completes one cycle. After five minutes of this training, take a two minute rest and do it again. The whole workout should only be about 20 minutes, including warmup and cool down. Not bad!

Of course, you should check with your doctor before starting a new program. Don’t be fooled by its short time. Just like any other HIIT circuit, this one is intense!