Hawaiian Dress Code
The hardest part of any vacation tends to be when packing for one. Packing sounds like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, I wanted to share my best wellness and packing tips to help prepare you for your next trip to Hawaii. “Hawaiian Dress Code”: Most places use “Resort Wear” as standard dress code throughout Hawaii. For men, this includes dress-shorts or khaki trousers and a collared shirt. For women, this includes casual skirts, maxi dresses, capri pants, dress shorts, rompers, etc.

What to Bring: A General Packing Checklist

  1. Shorts & T-shirts for daytime wear.
  2. Bathing suit & cover-up (most resorts request that you cover up in lobbies and common areas other than the pool and beach).
  3. Flip-Flops or other water shoes.
  4. Long trousers, for Hawaii activities (like horseback riding, zip lining, hiking over lava, ATV tours, etc).
  5. Sunglasses.
  6. Sunscreen & lip balm with high SPF (WebMD recommends looking for a sunscreen that contains any of the following: ecamsule, avobenzone, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, sulisobenzone, or zinc oxide).
  7. Hawaii travel map and/or guidebook: Oahu Vacation GuideMaui Vacation GuideKauai Vacation GuideHawaii: The Big Island, Vacation Guide.
  8. Cameras, batteries, and/or other charging devices.
  9. Binoculars and a lightweight backpack.
  10. Personal medicine prescriptions and first aid kit  (“Suggestions for medical supplies you may need on your Hawaii vacation”).
  11. Rain jacket/poncho and hat/visor.
  12. Light sweater – especially if you are staying in any of the uplands/upcountry areas like, Koele, Lanai City, Kula, Volcano and Waimea.

If you plan to hike:

  1. Mosquito repellent.
  2. Hiking shoes or sneakers.
  3. Camelback/water bottle.
  4. Quick-dry clothing.
  5. Some energy bars for fuel.

If you plan to visit high elevation zones:

  1. Thermal underwear.
  2. Windproof gloves.
  3. Windproof jacket.
  4. Winter hat, headband, or earmuffs (guided tours to Haleakala or Mauna Kea will most likely provide a parka & gloves).

Lava in HawaiiIf you plan to watch lava flow:

  1. Hiking shoes & hiking poles.
  2. Hiking pants.
  3. Flashlight.
  4. Gloves.

See more advice for seeing lava activity in Hawaii.